Office Cabling

An array of available products to suit all business needs


Fast Track Communications provides suitable cabling solutions for your office, whether it be new or refurbished. We will design and install  communications, electrical and lighting solutions to suit your specific requirements. 

Our Product Solutions

Communication cabling solutions


Communications are essential to all businesses. The landscape is changing daily with new technology, security, user requirements and wiring standards. Our team keep up to date with these constant changes, and advising on the best solution for a business to keep competitive, agile and to be accessible to all stakeholders.


Our team of experienced technicians design, install and support communication cabling solutions to businesses of all sizes – whether single site or multi-site.


We have current installation certification with a range of leading cabling manufacturers, with up to 25year warranty on products including: Siemon, Panduit and Commscope (Systimax, ADC Krone, Netconnect).


Our skill set includes design and construct services, fibre and copper solutions, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7 and Cat 7A.


Electrical cabling solutions


Our team of technicians provide a range of electrical services to business from supply connection and metering, communications, electrical, ICT, standby generators, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), cable support systems, to energy management systems and audits.


Clients are large and small – private, public, government and public entertainment venues. They engage us to cable their office upgrades, new fitouts, data centres, and computer rooms.


We provide ‘round-the-clock’ 24/7 support for installations, upgrades and preventative work.


Lighting solutions

We are engaged pre-construction, construction and post construction. Our solutions focus on saving costs and preventing business disruption.

Services include: lighting design, automated lighting, general lighting and power control systems, UPS installations, emergency and exit lighting systems, energy management systems, high voltage installations.


Our technicians are experienced in all aspects of lighting and electrical power installations and support.


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