Cloud voice

An array of available products to suit all business needs


Fast Track Communications provides a enterprise level Cloud Voice solutions designed to meet your business needs and budget.

Our Product Solutions



Fast Track Communications can advise you on the most suitable unified communications solution for your business. We will source a simple and reliable system, implement this for you, and along the way provide your teams with training and on-going support and maintenance. Unified communication allows teams to be productive and accessible anywhere, anytime – from desktops, on the mobile, at home or in the office environment. Solutions integrate: voice telephony, video, instant messaging, presence information, data sharing with email, internet and mobile and network applications.


We are a certified partner of Ring Central. Their unified communications tools are easy to install, configure and support. There is never any extra work put on IT departments. We work through with you, the options of implementing a Cloud solution or implementing a solution running on your hosted or local hardware.




Fast Track Communications can introduce you to leading integrated communications tools that will see your teams chat, share, meet and collaborate.


Solutions are available for any sized business; small organisations to large enterprises with 1,000’s of employees spread nationally or internationally.


We are a certified partner of Ring Central. These products are reliable, scalable, robust integrate voice, video, data and mobility and can be integrated into your current systems. We will work with you to design a flexible, easy to deploy solution – in the cloud or on premise – that sees your staff collaborate and be more productive.


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