Rewards FAQ's

Q. Does every lead I register give me points?
A. If Fast Track have an appropriate solution to the client’s needs and provides the client with a proposal for over $5,000.00 ex GST for that opportunity then the points will be accrued.

Q. When do I get the additional 200 points?
A. When we receive a purchase order for our proposal.

Q. Can I transfer the points balance to someone else?
A. No but you can nominate a friend to take the award in your place or use additional points to take a friend.

Q. Do the points expire?
A. No they do not have a use by date.

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of points I can accrue?
A. No there is no limit.

Q. Can I convert them into cash?
A. No due to possible tax implications points cannot be converted into cash.

Q. If I book an award and then cancel or fail to attend do I lose the points?
A. This is dependent on the supplier of the rewards policy but it is likely.

Q. Is the reward the same regardless of whether it is audio visual, video conferencing, electrical or cabling?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I book the award any date that I choose?
A. No. It will depend on the supplier of the award and the dates the awards are offered.

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