‘E-Waste’ Partnership with SIMS Recycling Solutions!

Fast Track Communications is leading the industry by announcing an ‘E-waste’ partnership with Sims Recycling Solutions!

The IT industry – especially integrators – is notorious for generating E-waste and very few have a policy around sustainable disposal of discarded technology. SRS representatives tell us that we are among the first in our industry to formalise our E Waste disposal process.

We at Fast Track are very aware of our moral and ethical obligations around sustainable and environmentally sound disposal practices for ‘E-waste’, most of which is generated by our client projects (such as phone systems and handsets, cables, PC’s, Monitors etc) . To support our internal policy we have partnered with Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS) to guarantee the minimum impact on our environment is achieved using their advanced recycling facilities. A certificate of recycling, including the carbon saved by this practice is issued to the client for a very nominal cost so we can all reduce our impact on landfill. For a detailed outline of how Sims Recycling reduces and recycles ‘E Waste’ please ask us or go to their website.


SRS is the Australian e-waste division of Sims Recycling Solutions, the world’s largest integrated electronics recycling business and part of Sims Metal Management Limited (SimsMM), the world’s largest listed metals recycling company. SRS currently operates Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment (WEEE) recycling facilities in over 50 locations in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australasia. This geographical reach and facility infrastructure combined with our client service excellence and technological capability allows us to offer a premier solution globally.

The Sims Recycling Solutions process is geared to delivering the highest environmental outcome and at present delivers 90% to 98% recovery based on the product mix received.

Typical outcomes for e-waste options at hand in general terms:

  • Landfill    –    0% recovery, 100% contamination
  • Heavy Duty Metal Shredding    –    30% – 60% recovery
  • Sims Recycling Solutions    –    90% – 98% recovery
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