SMC Conference & Function Centre Back of House LED Lighting Upgrade Delivers $8k in Monthly Savings

“We have reduced a significant amount, $5000 per month, on the electricity bill and improved our power factor in the building. SInce the project finished we have absolutely no maintenance cost spend on those areas installed with Chamaeleon lights. We look forward to more efficient products from Enlighten Australia.” 

Mano Jelamudi, IT & Building Project Manager



SMC Conference & Function Centre operates 32 function & lodge rooms (5000 sqm) across eight levels with 2 levels of underground car park. The landmark CBD building was originally constructed in 1974, with the addition of a commercial office tower in 2014. The building is owned by the Sydney Masonic Centre, who is responsible for the base building common area lighting and function centre operation.

SMC Conference & Function Centre management have been actively pursuing energy reduction measures for over a decade through their membership of the NSW Government’s Energy Saver business program. Completed projects include replacement of the main plant with a BMS in 2008 and a front of house LED lighting upgrade in 2011.

In 2012-13, the Centre committed to a further $150K data & lighting upgrade project in both front & back of house areas. IT & Building Manager, Mano Jelamudi appointed electrical & data contractor Fast Track Communications to manage both data & lighting installations.


A range of standard, emergency & permanently on models of the Chamaeleon was used to retrofit single and twin T8 36W (1200mm) and single 58W (1500mm) fluorescent tube lighting which operated 24/7 without controls.

In total 133 Chamaeleon lights replaced 144 fluorescent tubes in back of house areas. A combination of permanently on, standard and emergency Chamaelon models were installed in fire stair, car park, plant control rooms & store area. LED down lights replaced compact fluorescent & halogen lights in front of house corridor areas.

Fig 1: The Chamaeleon light in operation in a fire stair corridor.


Energy savings

The estimated 48,541 KWh annual reduction in consumption equated to a $5K monthly saving from client supplied bill data. The savings were broken up into reductions in both variable consumption and fixed KvA demand charges.

Maintenance savings

Due to the Chamaeleon light’s patented design, featuring quality components including Philips LUMILED LEDs, the light delivers a long life of over 50,000 hours. Low maintenance design features include a battery changeover in emergency versions via externally accessible drawer and a smart connect base with keyed lock for easy installation & removal without the need to isolate power.

Mano comments that the maintenance bill for emergency & back of house lighting has reduced by a staggering 95% or $21,000 per annum.

Energy Savings Certificate rebate

The Masonic Centre worked with Accredited Certificate Provider Low Energy Supplies & Services (LESS) to document the lighting upgrade scope of works for the generation of tradeable Energy Savings Certificates. The Chamaeleon lighting upgrade generated 1920 certificates, which were sold at $8, to deliver an $11K rebate back to the Masonic Centre management.

Next steps

Buoyed by the strong results of the latest data & lighting upgrade project, Centre management will next approach emergency & exit lighting across its 32 function rooms, corridors, doorways and toilets.

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