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InDesign Technology Architects

InDesign is a key Partner and a specialist consulting & design firm with a proven design methodology that captures all elements. Fast Track and InDesign partner where the aesthetics and complexity are critical aspects to the project’s success. InDesign’s skills paired with Fast Track’s can-do attitude and strong installation skills deliver consistent results on technically complex projects.
Infrastructure is optimized and more intelligent systems are created by looking at technology as a part of a larger, single solution rather than isolated components.

Their design methodology requires involvement from the very beginning of a project; which enables InDesign to review all of your requirements to ensure that adequate pathways, spaces and cabling solutions are allowed for. If these elements are not considered early in the design phase, the cost of installing them later increases as the project progresses.

Engaging with Indesign and Fast Track makes the overall solution a well thought out, functional, reliable, scalable and more cost effective solution.