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Video Conferencing Technology

Fast Track communications can provide for fully integrated AV rooms for Video conferencing down to individual user to user units attached to the PCs and mobile devices such as tablets and Smart Phones.

Video Conferencing has become accessible for any organisation seeking to improve the way it connects and communicates with its staff and clients through the simplicity of a video call.

This technology is not just for those people communicating across international time zones or state boundaries. Video has the potential to transform the way a business conducts itself- even with people located in the same building. Most organisations can quickly build a business case to invest in some form of video conferencing technology. Fast Track can assist with showing you how VC will quickly enhance an interaction far better than a traditional voice call.

The result: improved communications, less travel and faster decision making.

Video Conferencing for Business

Fast Track can provide you support with consultation, design, deployment and maintenance services for:

  • Pure IP Video Conferencing solutions as an on premises or in room solution
  • Video services delivered over Cloud, Virtual or Co-Located /hosted environments
  • Video as a service or VaaS
  • Video Conferencing as an option of your IP Voice solution
  • Video collaboration services ( recording and streaming one to many)
  • Video Conferencing accessories for medical services
  • Consultation and design
  • Moves, additions, and changes
  • Training and technical support