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At Fast Track Communications we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality works on time and beyond your expectations.

At Fast Track Communications we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality works on time and beyond your expectations.

Fast Track Communications Directors, Engineers and Project Managers have worked with leading clients in most business sectors and business size and bring cross platform technology and business knowledge to solutions that we offer.

At Fast Track Communications Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. When you're satisfied we are satisfied.

Regardless of the size of your business the complexity associated with corporate communication infrastructures are constantly increasing.

Fast Track specialises in providing complete business connectivity solutions; structured cabling, PBX implementations and maintenance solutions based on VOIP, wireless and conferencing requirements (both voice and video). Our breadth of expertise and solution offerings separates us from any of our competitors.

We have a reputation of having the deepest skills in Telephony in the Australian market and were one of the earliest resellers of VoIP technology“ giving us broad experience with deployments of all sizes. Fast Track's clients include many global networking and telecoms companies and this is perhaps the best testimony to the quality of the services we provide.

Our client base covers many markets including transport, legal, accounting, education, finance, manufacturing, telecoms and computing.



We ensure that all our key people from the Project managers to the technical installation staff understand the requirements of our major customers.

These requirements generally include- but are not limited to:

  • The specified Hardware or Cabling vendor
  • The customers global standards
  • The site rules or guidelines and;
  • Client specific requirements.

The same team/s is assigned to each project within a national roll-out. In this way we ensure that our customers can have the confidence that not only do we understand the project and the hierarchy of decision making, but we will also complete the project within the time frame and meet and exceed all the required standards.


Due to the large geographic area of Australia there are very few companies in our industry that are truly national. Fast Tracks approach, rather than claiming that we are a national company, is to partner with companies that share our commitment to customer service, quality work and honesty. When we are involved with projects in other capital cities and within regional Australia it is our policy to send a small project team to keep consistency with project outcomes and to ensure that project standards are adhered to irrespective of the location of the site. In addition our team also ensure that any mission critical task components are completed with our high standards and to ensure our nominated contractors also complete tasks with the integrity and discipline we insist upon with all our staff and sub contractors. In this way the customer contact/s who is often based in Sydney or Melbourne will always be working with not only Fast Track corporate, but also the same people. This is important where the project may have multiple regional sites running in parallel and where swift communication is vital. Fast Track staff knows the standards the customer has and any specific requirements which may include labelling, testing and record keeping ensuring consistency.

We believe that this approach alone guarantees the quality of response and results for our clients. Fast Track has completed several large national projects recently that validate the effectiveness of this project approach including the “plays station" customer access pads at every branch of a Big Four Australian Bank. We have also had success using this model with many Ranstad (Select Personnel) Offices nationally as well as Eastern Seaboard locations for Bunning's Hardware stores. More information regarding reference sites for works completed appears on the following page.


We take our clients project outcomes very seriously and in doing so we measure our client satisfaction with a detailed survey. By doing this we identify areas of potential improvement as well as to ensure our clients are accessing the best project outcomes and are getting value for money. In the survey conducted in Dec 2011, with a minimum of 46 customers responding to each question, Fast Track found that 96% percent responded that they would be happy to recommend Fast Track Communications.


Fast Track Communications is keenly aware of its implied obligations to our environment. We proactively seek out and engage with partners whose products provide the technical solutions we seek and also have a green approach to manufacturing and business practices in general. We ensure that our ICT waste (and where we decommission systems - that of our customers) is processed by specialist disposal experts so equipment is either re-purposed or recycled with the metals harvested for re-use as much as possible.