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Cabling Installation and Design

Fast Track Communications has strategic alliances with leading vendors allowing our customers to reap the benefits of the world's leading suppliers with an internal knowledge base that encompasses many years of structured cabling expertise. We have a full understanding of both the needs and concerns that can affect corporate IT services. Our alliances ensure that you can be confident your needs for the present are met and future requirements are taken into consideration helping to maximise your return on investment.

Structured cabling gives business a single unified infrastructure that will support Servers, PC's, telephone systems and other devices in corporate offices, taking away the need for multiple wiring systems. A structured cabling system provides a universal platform on which to build your overall information strategy supporting multiple voice, data, video, multimedia systems, regardless of their manufacturer, in any desired area.

Structured cabling prepares business for the inevitable move to converged voice and data technologies by supporting applications such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Video over IP and unified messaging. Cabling solutions can be configured and adapted to meet the changing demands of business, easily accommodating staff moves whether individual or collective, temporary or permanent with each outlet being separately configurable from a central position giving flexible and fault tolerant network cabling.

What is structured cabling?

  • handle voice and data in any format including computer applications, enabling you to simply plug the appropriate adapter in and get started
  • easily make changes by simply moving relevant patch leads and plug them into their new position
  • provide quality performance and reliability thanks to 'best of breed' components from leading suppliers
  • let you adapt easily to rapid change, by reducing the need for scarce and costly skills.

Various options are available to ensure that cabling solution meets your business needs. Structured cabling schemes provide connections from specified points around a building to a central patching location. Voice switch, LAN hub and telecommunications services are presented at the patch panel. Peripherals can be cross connected to deliver the required service wherever it is needed around your premises.

An appropriate infrastructure of network products and structured cabling will allow you to support your communications requirements and take advantage of current and future developments in VoIP technology.